About Us

To be the leading manufacturer/provider of waterproofing and insulation systems in Jamaica and the Caribbean through the use of innovative and efficient technologies. To create and maintain a positive working environment for our employees whilst keeping a keen interest in the environment and communities that we work in.

SEAL Sprayed Solutions Ltd., is a private limited liability company and is a registered Jamaica member of the Spray Polyurethane Foam Alliance (SPFA)- a Business Unit of the American Plastics Council. We blend raw materials for polyurethane systems, and specialize in waterproofing and insulation of buildings and various other structures. Primarily this is done by the application of Spray Polyurethane Foam (SPF) of various densities and thickness to suit the clients needs. For the most part, the company has targeted both the commercial sector and the private householder to benefit from this innovative technology mostly through roof applications, however, our SPF system has been used locally for industrial uses including silo insulation for grain feed, coldroom and spa insulation, sound insulation, air-conditioning ducting, and decorative purposes for model projects, etc. Beyond SPF we are the sole licensed Contractors/Distributors for “Liquid Rubber” and “CFS Silicone” Membrane Systems in Jamaica. 

“Liquid Rubber” and CFS Silicones are cold applied liquid membranes that forms a strong bond to most construction materials. SEAL specified SPF and Silicone Membrane Systems are safe and environmentally friendly alternatives to conventional hot applied membrane systems or other solvent based alternatives. They are spray-applied with freedom of architectural design to create a monolithic and impermeable membrane which is seamless and fully bonded to its substrate. Additionally, they do not require seams, joint details, mechanical or chemical fastening techniques that generally become the source of failure associated with other similar roofing applications. SEAL recently expanded its services into applying a wide range of industrial Epoxy coatings and Silicone Energy Star ® Systems