About Us

To be the leading manufacturer/provider of waterproofing and insulation systems in Jamaica and the Caribbean through the use of innovative and efficient technologies. To create and maintain a positive working environment for our employees whilst keeping a keen interest in the environment and communities that we work in.

Seal Sprayed Solutions Limited was started in Jamaica in December 2002. The founders, Robert Silvera, Vaughn Morris and William Tavares-Finson, recognized the need to create a company focused on using up-to-date technology deal with waterproofing and energy conservation in Jamaica. It soon developed into a company focused on engineered coating solutions.

Soon after formation the region became its focus as projects in the Eastern Caribbean posed a challenge to undertake from as far away as Jamaica. Dr. Mark Williams then became a partner in our Trinidad operation, which has carried out projects throughout the various sectors there. Guyana is the next field of focus.