To be the leading manufacturer/provider of waterproofing and insulation systems in Jamaica and the Caribbean through the use of innovative and efficient technologies. To create and maintain a positive working environment for our employees whilst keeping a keen interest in the environment and communities that we work in.


We manufacture polyurethane systems and specialize in waterproofing and insulation of buildings and various other structures. 

The company has primarily targeted both the commercial sector and the private householder to benefit from this innovative technology mostly through roof applications, however, our SPF system has been used for industrial uses including silo insulation for grain feed, freezer/coldroom, boat insulation/flotation, sound insulation, etc.

Our Values 

We take great pride in treating our customers fairly, respecting our employees, and standing behind our high-quality work. So far, the company has received the PSOJ Small Business Award for Significant Investment/Job Creation (May 2004); Jamaica Manufacturers’ Association (JMA) Best New Manufacturer 2005, NCB Nation Builder Awards- Innovation Award, National Winner 2010 and many more.

SEAL is a member of the Jamaica Manufacturers’ Association, Incorporated Master builders Association of Jamaica, and we are registered Jamaica Grade 1- Roofing, and Grade 2- Painting and Decorative Finishes.